Here you'll find my websites. Most of them haven't been updated for a while and/or will be revamped soon, but some are linked anyway.

engl. = English
dt. = German


Synthetic Arcadia (dt.)
Basically a weblog about video games. Containing articles about specific games as well as general thoughts on the topic. Maintained together with Otacon, though guest authors are appreciated.

Vanished Dreams (engl.)
Layout archive that contains all the crap this website ever saw. No responsibility taken for eye cancer.


Walk on the Edge (engl.)
Small website about Yamato Ishida from Digimon, including a clique.

Despair & Oblivion (engl.)
A website about one of my favourite characters, Freya Crescent of Final Fantasy IX.

Automata (engl.)
Tiny website about Tio from Grandia 2, because she's cool and there aren't many sites about her.

Cheerfuly Sky (engl.)
A small tribute to Sora of the Kingdom Hearts series.


Core Dump (dt.)
A less personal weblog concerning several of my interests (excluding video games, that is - see Synthetic Arcadia for that topic).

Anthropophobia (engl.)
My blog featuring occasional mindless ramblings about me, myself and I. Sense not included. Also password-protected due to privacy reasons.

Fragile Mind (engl.)
Plenty of pointless trivia about all that is the Princess Brandy Alexander Yuri Ichijo you never cared about.


Site with some 'works' of mine (those previously featured on *child*)...

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