The eighth version of features a picture of Cibo from the manga series (well, there's also an anime, however the picture is from the manga) BLAME! by Tsutomu Nihei. It is a scan from his artbook BLAME! and so on (which I own).

I like this picture a lot, not only for it is blue and white and those are my favourite colors, but also because BLAME! is among my favourite manga and Cibo is a pretty cool character, too - and last yet not least, Tsutomu Nihei's artwork rocks a great deal.

The layout itself is not very special or complex, just some simple effects and fonts; only one color used.

In case anyone cares (what I don't expect, but hey), I edited the image in Photoshop 6 and used the fonts "Alianna", "Dirty Head", "Seraphim" and "Terminal" (for the menu/navigation).

The title text is not actually connected with BLAME! (except for the "cyber dungeon quest"), but a translated quote from the song Only One (Ken Ichijouji's theme) of Digimon. I know this probably sounds weird together, however I found it fitting.

©2001-2006 by Yuri
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BLAME! Copyright by Tsutomu Nihei
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