If you're interested in my domain name and where it derived from, that's the right section for you.

Between four and five years ago, when I was about to get my very first own domain, I wondered what name I should take. I'm not the epitome of creativity, so I asked other people for ideas as well, and finally settled with "" as a nice adress, as I really like angels and especially their wings (although I like other types of wings, too).

However, unfortunately that name appeared to be taken already, therefore I was at the beginning again. Luckily though, a new idea stroke me pretty fast - "" was born.

So much for the history of my domain. As you may or may not know (chances are pretty high though), "aqua" is the latin word for water. Since I really relish water - and lots of things connected with it, as for example the color blue, ice, rain etc. - I thought it fitted me pretty good. From the original name I kept the "wings" not only as a symbol for angels, but everything else flying and wings in general.

Furthermore, wings (i.e. the ability to fly) are also a sign for freedom, which is another thing I highly value and appreciate.

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